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Certificate Program

(140+ Hours)

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UETI’s International TEFL Certificate Program has been designed to ensure that all graduates possess the knowledge, skills, confidence, professional attitude and experience necessary to become successful English teachers.

Teaching Experience
“80 Hours”

[4 hours per day in the classroom with REAL students]

  •       Each TEFL trainee is assigned an instructor and teaches 4  1-hour English classes per day.

  •       ALL classes are observed.  (including audio and video taping)

  •       Each English class has a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 REAL students.

Over a 4-week period, teachers get practice in all of the following:

Each class consists of the following:      

(5 minutes) Warm-up activity

            (5 minutes) Homework review

(10 minutes) Pair-work

(5 minutes) Reading activity

(10 minutes) Main activity

(5 minutes) Homework introduction

(5 minutes) Role-Play activity

(5 minutes) Closing activity

(10 minutes) Prepare room and boards for next class


Total    (60 minutes)


Teachers prepare a detailed lesson plan
for each class that is taught.

All teacher trainees are observed and coached daily by certified UETI instructors.  Teacher trainees receive daily feedback and assistance from their personal certified instructor in every aspect of teaching.

While designing, developing and implementing all lesson plans and activities, teacher trainees also monitor, guide and assist English students throughout the program.  Upon completion of the program, teacher trainees assess and evaluate all English students on an individual basis.

All English students are personally selected and screened by UETI in order to create a student body that represents a mixture of all economic, social and educational backgrounds. (Housekeepers, lawyers, secretaries, college / high school students, customer service employees, etc) This is done to ensure that our trainees experience a wide variety of real-life teaching situations.

"20 Hours"
All teacher trainees receive a FULL English Grammar Review, where daily classes in English Grammar are taught by our English Grammar experts.  These classes include a detailed review in all of the following areas: 
  •     The 12 tenses in English

  •      Parts of speech

  •      Direct and Indirect Speech

  •      Forming and diagramming questions

  •      Verbs forms

  •      Modal / Auxiliary Verbs

  •      Verb types

  •      Active and Passive Voice

  •      Prepositions

  •      Conditional sentences

  •      Capitalization and Punctuation

Lesson Planning:

All teacher trainees are taught and trained to research and then design, develop and implement a 10 point Lesson Plan, which is approved and accepted by schools worldwide.

A 3-page, detailed lesson plan is filled out for each 50-minute class, before TEFL teachers enter a classroom.



Classroom Management:

Teacher trainees are given the proper guidance and assistance to ensure they will have the knowledge, confidence and professional attitude to enter any classroom and begin teaching.  Daily classes focus on all of the following areas:   

  •  People Skills

  •  Motivating students

  •  Learning styles and preferences

  •  Control of the classroom

  •  Behavior modification

  •  Seating arrangements

  •  Use and set-up of board

  •  Movement in the classroom

  •  TTT/STT  (Teacher talking time / Student talking time)

  •  Consistency and Professionalism


All lesson plans and activities designed by each teacher trainee are kept in a personal professional portfolio that each teacher trainee will take with them.  This will also include cards and letters from students and a letter of recommendation from University English Teachers Institute, stating the teacher’s strong points and personal achievements during the course.

Methods, Approaches & Techniques:

All TEFL trainees are taught the history of languages and language acquisition / learning, which includes a detailed view of all of the following methods, approaches and techniques:    

  •        The Grammar-Translation Method

  •        The Direct Method

  •        Audio-Lingualism

  •        TPR

  •        The Behaviorist Theory

  •        The Silent Way

  •        Cooperative Learning

  •        Left-Brain / Right-Brain

  •        The Multiple Intelligences Theory

  •        Suggestopedia

  •        Neuro-Linguistic-Programming

  •        The Communicative Approach


All TEFL trainees prepare a professional “TEFL” resume, which is also saved on disc and ready to be posted on the internet, sent out via email, faxed or mailed out on hard copy.


All teacher trainees prepare for and participate in mock interviews.  These interviews are designed to prepare all UETI graduates for various questions and situations in future interviews.    

Job Search:

All TEFL trainees are taught how to find jobs overseas.  After reviewing an “Overseas job checklist”, trainees are provided with everything they ever need to know about finding a teaching job overseas.  

Using our proven system, each TEFL trainee will have personally researched and found at least 3 jobs overseas before the course is finished.

Our graduates will never have to rely on anyone else to find them a job overseas and more importantly, will have the knowledge and resources to make the right choices when selecting employment in a foreign country.