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Our Founder


Christopher Michael Zang ("Chris")
Director - University English Teachers Institute

     Chris at Hofstra University


Chris  “The Student”

Before receiving his certifications in English Language Teaching and Training, Chris attended Hofstra University in New York - obtaining his Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters in Special Education.


Chris  “The Teacher”

Lawyers, doctors, dishwashers, housekeepers . . .  Chris enjoys teaching students from any and all professional and educational backgrounds.

As a professor at the University of Guadalajara Chris was instrumental in the development of the “Juniors Summer English Language Program” for children from 6 to 15 years of age.

Chris' success with disabled students, notably autism, ranging in age from 3 to 21, in the United States and Mexico, has received tremendous accolade.


Chris   “The Administrator”

Chris is actively involved in every aspect of all UET activity, including the interviewing, hiring and training of all personnel.


Chris  “The Explorer”

Originally from New York, Chris has traveled extensively; throughout the United States, Mexico, the Middle East and parts of Europe, Asia and Africa.


Chris  “The Entrepreneur”

After carefully designing and creating detailed professional business proposals, Chris solicited various businesses throughout the region, receiving contracts to teach English to their employees - personally designing, developing and implementing tailored English language programs to meet the specific needs of each employee classification.


Chris  “The Director & Founder”

Chris' vast  experience, knowledge and expertise has enabled the design and development of UET's TEFL programs - uniquely ensuring every graduate is appropriately trained and prepared prior to being awarded University English Teachers certification.

All University English Teachers' TEFL instructors are UET certified graduates, personally selected by Chris.



Chris has been a resident of sunny and beautiful Puerto Vallarta since '99 - actively involved in every aspect of the UET's operations, always readily available for communication with all program participants.